Episode #26: Careers in Government (LCL Audio)

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #26: Careers in Government (LCL Audio)

“You may be looking for a job, but people are looking for YOU.”

Careers for linguists in government roles are more that just working for a three-letter agency. The government is a big space which presents lots of room to work on different problems of public interest. In this panel, three linguists talk about their path from academia to government roles at the federal and state level.

Sarah Clark on LinkedIn (U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory),
Bill Marcellino on LinkedIn (RAND Corporation)
Cecilia Castillo Ayometzi on LinkedIn (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority)

Moderator: Emily Pace

Topics include:
– sociolinguistics
– government work
– networking
– job titles
– data analyst
– qualitative data analysis
– behavioral science
– mixed methods
– transferable skills
– salary schedules
– public policy


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