Your host, Laurel Sutton

Linguistics Careercast is the podcast devoted to exploring careers for linguists outside academia. We feature interviews with linguists in industry at all stages of their careers: recently graduated, mid-career, and some with 30+ years of industry experience. These career linguists represent tech, marketing, UX, research, data analysis, translation, speech pathology, content creation, and much more.

Additionally, we’ll host audio content from the Linguistics Career Launch, held in the summer of 2021. These audio tracks are taken from our YouTube videos.

Linguistics Career Launch 2021 was a one-month intensive program intended to familiarize linguistics students and faculty with career options beyond academia (in business, tech, government, and non-profit organizations). Videos of all our recorded sessions are available on our YouTube channel. LCL was organized by Nancy Frishberg, Alexandra Johnston, Emily Pace, Susan Steele, Laurel Sutton. You can get in touch at linguisticscareerlaunch@gmail.com

Linguistics Career Launch 2024 is happening July 15-26, 2024!

The music is Neptunea by Scanglobe and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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