Episode #48: Alexandra Botti

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #48: Alexandra Botti

“Linguistics has given me frameworks to build my career on, and to get wildly creative within those frameworks”

Alexandra Botti is a radio and podcast producer, sociolinguist, ballet dancer and ballet teacher. She is a dual citizen of the United States and France, and grew up primarily in the Boston area; she holds a Master’s degree in Language and Communication from Georgetown University. After embarking on a career in journalism, she worked for multiple media outlets including WAMU, WNYC Radio, and NPR. She is currently employed as a supervising producer at Axios.

Alex Botti on LinkedIn

Alex Botti’s website

Topics include

– bilingualism
– discourse analysis
– public radio
– journalism
– framing
– storytelling
– audio production
– dance
– sociolinguistics

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