Episode #4: Wendy Jacinto

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #4: Wendy Jacinto

“Learning how to present your linguistic experience in a way that a hiring manager can understand is really important.”

Wendy Kempsell Jacinto was an exchange student in Germany during high school, which deepened her interest in languages. She went on to study linguistics and graduated with a PhD in Sociolinguistics from the University of Washington in 2015. Her research was on language mixing, particularly in the Spanish-English and Turkish-German bilingual communities. After graduating, she worked in Translation and Interpretation Project Management in healthcare settings for 6 years. She is currently a Linguistic Services Consultant at Acrolinx, a content improvement platform.

Wendy Jacinto at LinkedIn

Topics covered:

– Sociolinguistics
– Phonetics
– Healthcare
– Translation
– Interpretation
– Degree choices
– Financial concerns

Download the transcript here (Word doc) or view it online here courtesy of Luca Dinu

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