Episode #27: LCC Live at Amherst: Careers for Cognitive Science Linguists

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #27: LCC Live at Amherst: Careers for Cognitive Science Linguists

“There’s nothing more important than staying in touch with people”

This episode is an audio version of a live recording of the Linguistics Careercast podcast. The panel was held on June 24, 2023, as part of the 2023 LSA Summer Institute at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Today our three panelists will discuss non-academic career options combining cognitive science and linguistics, focusing on their journeys from academia to industry. Each of the panelists speaks about their experiences for about ten minutes, and then we go to questions both in the Zoom chat and live at the Institute, where the lovely and talented Hadas Kotek (Apple) moderates.

The video is available on the Linguistics Career Launch YouTube channel.

Best practices for informational interviews (LCL video)


Ann Thyme-Gobbel, Vice President, UX & Design, Milo
Jayden Ziegler, Vice President of Product, Alembic Technologies, Inc.
Michelle Gregory, Senior Vice President of Data Science at [24]7.ai

The panel was moderated by Christopher Stewart (Google) and Laurel Sutton (Catchword Branding).

Alex Johnston, MLC Director, Georgetown University
Integrity Communications


Topics include
– cognitive science
– data science
– machine learning
– product management
– informational interviews
– UX
– summer internships

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