Episode #21: Nora Diaz

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #21: Nora Diaz

“Don’t put yourself in a little box – what matters is what you DO with your degree”

Nora Díaz holds a B.A. in English Language Teaching and Translation. She is a full-time published EN-ES translator and translation team leader, working on a wide variety of topics. Her interest in productivity has led to a constant exploration of technology to boost productivity, such as CAT tools, speech recognition and custom macros. In her blog, Nora Díaz on Translation, Teaching and Other Stuff, she shares what she has learned with translators from around the globe.

Nora Díaz on LinkedIn

The Translator’s Toolbox

American Translator’s Association

ProZ.com (Online Community and Workplace for Language Professionals)

Translator’s Cafe

Topics covered:

– translation
– conference interpretation
– work environment
– self employment
– T & I (translation and interpretation)
– language service providers (LSP)
– remote work
– project management

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