Episode #15: Natural Language Processing (LCL audio)

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #15: Natural Language Processing (LCL audio)

“Stand your ground, don’t be intimidated: Never think that you can’t do the job.”

This episode is an audio version of a virtual panel held at the Linguistics Career Launch in the summer of 2021. The title of the panel is National Language Processing and the moderator is Christopher Phipps.

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with automated interpretation and generation of human language. The goal of NLP is how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data, including both text and speech data. Unlike earlier fully rules-based methods, more recently NLP proceeds by using machine learning and statistical methods.

Our panelists followed different routes from linguistics into Natural Language Processing (NLP). They share their decisions about taking these routes, and what’s involved in this profession. They also discuss the common question for working in NLP: how technical do I need to be?

Ezra Wyschogrod on LinkedIn
Esmé Manandise on LinkedIn
Rich Campbell on LinkedIn


Topics include
– natural language processing
– natural language technology
– Alexa
– project management
– networking
– job qualifications
– coding
– Python
– salaries

Download a transcript here (Word doc) or view online here courtesy of Luca Dinu

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