Episode #9: User Experience and Design (LCL Audio)

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Episode #9: User Experience and Design (LCL Audio)

“User experience is a team sport.”

This episode is an audio version of a virtual panel held at the Linguistics Career Launch in the summer of 2021; the presenter is Nancy Frishberg, one of the LCL organizers.

In this session, Nancy provides a historical perspective on the intersection of linguistics and user
experience and design. She addresses questions such as:
What is design? Who is a designer?
What do we mean by user research? What is the difference between art and design? And how do your skills as a linguist translate to user design?

Nancy Frishberg on LinkedIn

Nancy Frishberg on Quora


Link to slides presented in this session

Books and other resources to learn about design, user experience and user research


Topics covered:

– Design
– Digital design
– User research
– Survey design
– Methodologies

Download a transcript here (Word doc) courtesy of Luca Dinu

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