Episode #7: Human Language Technology (HLT) Industry Jobs (LCL Audio)

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #7: Human Language Technology (HLT) Industry Jobs (LCL Audio)

“Once you know what to search for in job titles, the jobs will come.”

This episode is an audio version of a virtual panel held at the Linguistics Career Launch in the summer of 2021; the moderator is Alexandra Johnston.

In this session, Kelsey Kraus of Cisco presents an overview of selected jobs in HLT industry, many of which make use of skills in NLP, data science, and coding. She covers how to find them and what employers are looking for. She also discusses skills and self promotion, tips on structuring a resume and how to promote your research. Along the way, she addresses the common questions about technical skills that are required (or not) for industry work.

Link to slides presented in this session

Kelsey Kraus at LinkedIn

Daniel Jurafsky and James H. Martin, Speech and Language Processing

Topics covered

– HLT/Human Language Technology
– LinkedIn
– Hiring process
– Job search
– Linguists in tech

Download a transcript here (Word doc) or view it online here courtesy of Luca Dinu


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