Episode #46: Emily Sabo

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #46: Emily Sabo

“Language is the code that cracks open access to people in the world”

Emily Sabo is a writer and data analyst who specializes in scientific communication, applied research, and digital content creation. While she was earning her PhD at University of Michigan, she traveled around South America, Europe & Asia researching how languages are processed in the bilingual brain. In her industry career, she’s written and produced YouTube videos and podcasts for a language learning app. She’s also had experience in standup comedy, and gave a TEDx talk on the power of language.

Emily Sabo on LinkedIn

Emily Sabo’s website

Emily Sabo’s TEDx talk, “Where Humor Hides in Language”

Critical Language Scholarship program

Topics include

– public relations
– language teaching
– changing identity
– job search
– content development
– content marketing
– brand engagement
– interviewing
– moral issues

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