Episode #41: Aubrie Amstutz

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #41: Aubrie Amstutz

“Where in your body do you feel a ‘yes’?”

Aubrie Amstutz is a cognitive linguist & researcher working towards AI Fairness. She earned a Master’s in Linguistics and Cognitive Science at University of Siena in Italy. She is interested in using empirical linguistic research to dispel language myths. This has taken the form of promoting anti-accent stigma in second language development at Duolingo, exploring the downfalls of prescriptive grammar rules in foreign language learning guides, conducting research into anti-bias and discrimination in AI-powered language systems at Microsoft Research, and most recently in guiding product policy decisions and developing safety strategies for TikTok’s text-based features.

Aubrie Amstutz on LinkedIn

Aubrie Amstutz’ website

The Linguist List

Amanda Montell’s book Cultish

Topics include

– creative writing
– screenwriting
– networking
– auditing
– administrative academia
– cult of academia
– analytical linguistics
– content moderation
– prompt engineering

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