Episode #40: Alfonso Sánchez-Moya at Georgetown University

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #40: Alfonso Sánchez-Moya at Georgetown University

“The jump to industry means recognizing transferable skills, industry prep, and interview prep”

This episode is an audio presentation of a talk called “Alexa, how can I transition to industry positions with a background in (mostly qualitative) critical discourse analysis?” The presenter is Alfonso Sánchez-Moya, who previously appeared as a guest on this podcast. It was given in October 2023 at Georgetown University, as part of the Linguistics Career Series, a monthly talk series held by the Linguistics Department. In this series, Linguists who work outside academia speak to students about their personal career path, as well as introduce opportunities for linguists in different sectors of employment.

Alfonso Sánchez-Moya is a discourse analyst currently employed at Amazon.

The video recording of this talk is available on our YouTube channel, Linguistics Career Launch.

Alfonso Sánchez-Moya on LinkedIn

Alfonso’s website

Topics include

– discourse analysis
– digital discourse
– Alexa
– tech work

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