Episode #39: Eric Jackson

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #39: Eric Jackson

“Naming isn’t an academic exercise – it’s more about your gut feeling about a name”

Eric Jackson is a linguist, namer, and brand strategist. He earned his master’s degree in linguistics from Boston University, where his thesis was called “A linguistic introduction to brand naming”. His employment as a namer has spanned top-tier companies like Lexicon Branding, Salt Branding (now Material), and Northbound, and he’s created names for companies like Philips, New Balance, Verizon, Gillette and Nestlé. He’s also a fan of Dungeons and Dragons.

Eric Jackson on LinkedIn

Sketch Engine (corpus analysis tool)

Corpus of Contemporary American English

Catchword soda names

Topics include

– networking
– theology
– job hopping
– small agencies
– naming
– branding
– internships
– taxonomy
– linguistic analysis

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