Episode #38: Marina Zhukova

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #38: Marina Zhukova

“Including personal information on your resume is recommended – it shows recruiters that you’re a well-rounded person”

Marina Zhukova is finishing a PhD in linguistics at UC Santa Barbara. During her time in school, both in the US and Russia, where she was born, she has held a number of internships related to linguistics, most recently at Amazon, working on Alexa. Marina is skilled in Conversational AI, Customer Research, and Product Management; she was selected as one of the 60 students out of 1,500+ applicants to attend Google’s Product Inclusion and Equity Summit.

Marina Zhukova on LinkedIn

Marina Zhukova on github

LSA 2024 Panel: Securing an internship, contract work and part-time jobs during your degree program: A practical guide for linguistics students & faculty advisors

Imagine PhD

The Graduate Program in Management Practice (GPMP)

Beyond Academia at UCSB

Topics include

– internships
– computational linguistics
– informational interviews
– LinkedIn
– knowledge engineer
– Alexa
– conversational AI
– international visas

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