Episode #37: Falene McKenna

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #37: Falene McKenna

“I’m a jack of all trades – all linguists are”

Falene McKenna is a linguist, tech enthusiast, conversation wizard, and a “true robot whisperer”. She studied Computational Linguistics at the University of Alberta. Since then, she’s led QA crusades, expanded beta programs across North American homes, and built customer support systems from the ground up. Falene has presented at various events, including the Conversation Design Festival 2022, emphasizing the importance of bot building standards, language expertise in AI experiences, and persona building. She is also an active member of Women in Voice, promoting gender diversity in the voice technology industry.

Falene McKenna on LinkedIn

Falene McKenna’s speaking profile on Sessionize

Alberta Language Technology Lab (ALT Lab)

Conversation Design Institute

Danielle Boyer’s Skobots

Topics include

– language revitalization
– computational linguistics
– QA
– robotics
– conversational AI
– conversation design
– data science
– academic precarity
– job interviews

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