Episode #35: Kaitlyn Tagarelli

Linguistics Careercast
Episode #35: Kaitlyn Tagarelli

“Just because you have a PhD doesn’t mean you’ll get hired at an advanced position in a company.”

Kaitlyn Tagarelli earned her PhD in Linguistics from Georgetown University and eventually made the move to the language-learning industry, making it more fun, accessible, and effective through evidence-based solutions. She is currently Head of Research for Mango Languages. She draws on her interdisciplinary background in linguistics, language learning, pedagogy, educational technology, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience to drive research initiatives and collaborations.

Kaitlyn Tagarelli on LinkedIn

Kaitlyn’s blog posts, Adventures in Language, at Mango Languages

Kaitlyn’s YouTube series:
Science Behind Language Learning
Mango Methodologies

The Linguist List

Topics include

– neurolinguistics
– postdocs
– the Linguist List
– job interviews
– transferable skills
– research studies
– thought leadership
– applied linguistics

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