Episode #32: Bozena Pajak

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #32: Bozena Pajak

“You’ve got to figure out how to talk about your own expertise'”

Bozena Pajak is is the Vice President of Learning and Curriculum at Duolingo, where she works at the intersection of learning science and product development. She got her PhD at UC San Diego, training in linguistics and cognitive psychology. She now focuses on developing digital educational products that are both effective and motivating for learners.

Bozena Pajak’s website

Bozena Pajak on LinkedIn


Topics include

– language learning
– multilingualism
– second language acquisition
– cognitive science
– two-body problem
– language learning courses
– Duolingo
– metrics
– management
– data analysis
– language typology

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