Episode #24: Language Access to Government (LCL Audio)

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #24: Language Access to Government (LCL Audio)

Dana Chisnell joined the US Digital Service as a Policy Design Researcher and General Problem Solver. Her current challenge is designing for language access.  The US government makes all kinds of information available in multiple languages, depending on the program, mostly in print. This is a logistics problem, but also a power/equity issue. How do we design for it? And how do you get started in this kind of government work?

Presenter: Dana Chisnell (US DHS)
Moderator: Nancy Frishberg


Dana Chisnell’s website

Dana Chisnell on LinkedIn
Society for Technical Communication
Center for Civic Design
United States Digital Service

Topics include

– technical writing
– document design
– government policy
– US Digital Service
– civic design
– language access

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