Episode #10: Joseph Tyler

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #10: Joseph Tyler

“Why am I doing all this free labor?”

Joseph Tyler is is a conversational designer at Uber, where he designs, builds, and delivers multi-modal conversational interactions for mobile, web and chat interfaces. He finished his PhD in linguistics in 2012 at the University of Michigan. He then did a psycholinguistics postdoc in Kentucky and was an assistant professor in Qatar before leaving academia, moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, and exploring work opportunities in tech. Prior to Uber, his primary design experience was 4.5 years with the avatar-driven conversation platform and health tech startup Sensely.

Joseph Tyler at LinkedIn and his blog

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program at Michigan

Anna Marie Trester/Career Linguist

Jen Polk

What Color is Your Parachute – The flower exercise


Topics covered:

– Conversational AI
– Conversation designer
– Meetups
– Networking
– Chatbots

Download a transcript here (Word doc) or view it online here courtesy of Luca Dinu

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