Episode #1: Anne Krook (LCL audio)

Linguistics Careercast
Linguistics Careercast
Episode #1: Anne Krook (LCL audio)

“Find a champion. Find someone who smiles, but is ruthless.”

This episode is an audio version of a virtual panel held at the Linguistics Career Launch in the summer of 2021, and the moderator is Nancy Frishberg.

Our guest is Anne Krook: She is a former academic who transitioned successfully to the corporate and nonprofit workplaces: she helps graduate students and postdocs transition to non-academic workplaces and helps undergraduate humanities majors translate their skills into jobs. She works with companies and organizations on integrating younger women into the workplace, preparing them for success, and coaching them on interacting with colleagues.

She’s got a book called “Now What Do I Say?”: Practical Workplace Advice for Younger Women.

Her website is annekrook.com. Links to her website and other resources are in the show notes.

Topics covered:

– Faculty advice
– How to talk to faculty about leaving academia
– Student placement
– UX
– Translation
– Conversational design

Download the transcript here (Word doc) or view it online here courtesy of Luca Dinu